Activities,Service “JD Lakshmi Narayana’s Inspiring Commitment to Empower Differently Abled Entrepreneurs”

“JD Lakshmi Narayana’s Inspiring Commitment to Empower Differently Abled Entrepreneurs”


In a heartwarming encounter, Shri Chandrakanth Sagar, a spirited differently-abled entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Pranav Enterprises, recently met with Shri JD Lakshminarayana. During this meeting, Mr. Sagar passionately shared his vision and tireless efforts in the manufacturing of non-woven bags as a sustainable alternative to plastic.

What sets Mr. Sagar’s enterprise apart is its commitment to providing employment exclusively to differently-abled individuals. To further support his venture in marketing and sales, Mr. Sagar expressed the need for a three-wheeler electric vehicle (EV). In a remarkable display of generosity and empathy, JD Sir promptly reached out to an EV company, which graciously agreed to assist with this endeavor. But the story doesn’t end there.


JD Sir not only recognized the admirable spirit of Chandrakanth Sagar but also pledged his ongoing support by offering to mentor and guide the Swayam krushi initiative led by Mr. Sagar. This initiative is driven by a noble vision—to empower differently-abled individuals by providing them with essential skill development opportunities, as well as fostering entrepreneurship, thus opening doors to meaningful employment.

This heartening collaboration between Mr. Sagar and JD Sir exemplifies the power of individuals who are driven by a shared goal—to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for all. Their dedication to uplifting the differently-abled community serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that with determination and compassion, we can truly make a difference.

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