Activities “On the Occasion of TEACHER’S Day”.

“On the Occasion of TEACHER’S Day”.


Called on our 4th class teacher Sri. I. Venkateswarlu sir at Gudivada & received blessings.

Sri. I. Venkateswarlu sir, our 4th class teacher at Gudivada. It explores his background, his work, and the blessings he has given us , Sir is a highly respected teacher who has been teaching for many years in Gudivada. He has a wealth of knowledge about the subject he teaches and has a deep understanding of how to motivate and inspire his students. He is highly regarded by his peers and is a respected mentor to many  Sir has been a source of inspiration for us all and has been instrumental in helping us to grow and develop our skills. He has been a great mentor to us and has provided us with encouragement and guidance that has been invaluable. When we called sir, we were filled with joy and gratitude. He gave us his wisdom and blessings, which were invaluable in our lives. We are thankful for everything that he has done for us and we will always remember his contributions to our lives.


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