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The Join for Development Foundation (JD) was set up with the primary aim of bringing a change in the lives of the people and with a secondary theme of creating a platform to connect those in need with those who can contribute apart from identifying and highlighting possible development models. And since the life force behind this initiative is a retired CBI Officer, you can be sure that this initiative, has integrity at every level.

We are on this planet only for a limited period of time. And each of us want to make it a joyful and happy time. With changing times, access to resources is getting skewed with some having more and some other left with little. The gap is growing leading to imbalances. So somewhere, it is our responsibility to help bridge this rather embarrassing gap between the rich and those with little. . We at the JD Foundation, believe that all of us can help in some way, an IT Professional can help leverage technology, a businessman can spare finances and a Social Worker can volunteer their time. We all can do something. And it is this idea alone, that gave birth to what is now the join for development ( JD) Foundation.

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The JD Foundation has already joined forces with farmers to work on Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO’s) in a few villages. The fact is, the farming community needs help. Over 60 percent of the Nation’s population is directly or indirectly related with the Agricultural sector and at the village level, alternate employment opportunities have not seriously been explored. Added to this, export policies have been short sighted, resulting in the cost of the produce exceeding the price being paid in the market.

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