Encourage innvotation

Idea Box

JD Foundation aims to inculcate the habit of innovative thought process in the young minds especially school going children by recognizing their ideas and valuating the ideas into next level creating collaborations for them. The objective of this initiative is to create awareness in the citizens of the country to inculcate innovative thinking in their places i.e. Schools, Colleges and Work place.

Every Institution will have an Idea Box, the promising idea will be selected by the management and the JD Foundation volunteer in the premises and send to the next level. With this, JD Foundation wants to see every citizen to develop their own Idea Bank for the betterment of the society.

At School level:

  • Student level Innovation activities will be encouraged in the schools.
  • Each student can drop their innovative idea in the Idea Box.
  • Most relevant and promising Ideas will be published in the Idea Book for wide circulation.
  • The selected idea will be escalated to get visibility in Idea Bank.
  • To create a national level platform to share their ideas and to promote their grass root innovations.
  • To nurture the scientific and innovate skills of school goers.
  • To inculcate leadership qualities from the school level.
  • To promote at least 2-3 Kid Entrepreneurs from each school per year.
  • To make school going a passion among kids, especially dropouts.
  • To create a route map for financial self-reliability among students.

Operational Parameters:

  • Initiating Innovation/idea clubs in schools.
  • Conducting idea weeks periodically in schools.
  • Screening and refining of ideas
  • Mentoring and development support.
  • Prototype development and testing.
  • Innovation challenge competitions among school kids.
  • Taking up proven ideas to a commercial scale.
  • Promotion of school level entrepreneurs by hand holding support.

National Ideation Day:

We are demanding that 15th of October is declared as the National Ideation day by the Government of India (Birth Anniversary of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam)

The concept of Idea Box has been started at over 15 locations in Warangal District of Telangana, most of them being government schools and public spaces. The ideas are now being screened to make an Idea Book.