Sustainable Agriculture

Here at the JD Foundation, we believe that Agriculture sector, needs a far higher degree of attention than what we accord to it. The distress in farming community is palpable and a series of measures are needed to uplift the community. Farmer suicides can be prevented, if only economically sustainable agricultural practices are adopted. Instead of the use of costly pesticides, ecologically sustainable alternatives also need to be explored. JD Foundation has worked extensively to understand the issues concerning farmers and intends to work on a series of issues to showcase model farming practices.

The JD Foundation has already joined forces with farmers to work on Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO’s) in a few villages. The fact is, the farming community needs help. Over 60 percent of the Nation’s population is directly or indirectly related with the Agricultural sector and at the village level, alternate employment opportunities have not seriously been explored. Added to this, export policies have been short sighted, resulting in the cost of the produce exceeding the price being paid in the market.

Yazali FPO :

Providing mentorship and support to the Yazali Farmers Producers Company, a farmers cooperative company in Yazali village of Guntur, headed by Shri Lakshmi Narasimha, who quit his tech job and started farming to make it profitable and sustainable.